Spring Cleaning

While spring cleaning can be good for your household and family, have you ever thought about the personal benefits this time-honored tradition can do for you? Cleaning out those cluttered closets and spare bedrooms can potentially reduce your stress level if you have been putting it off for awhile. Giving the house a thorough cleaning may brighten your day and give you a sense of accomplishment. You might get a feeling of joy donating old clothes, toys, and furniture to those less fortunate than you. Having the whole family work together cleaning the house on a Saturday afternoon might bring everyone closer together. Make it fun by turning on some good music and providing enticing snacks, and enjoy the exercise and teamwork of making your home a better place to live.

There is another type of cleaning you can do: cleaning out the clutter in your mind. Worries, self doubt, “what I should have said”, and unfulfilled goals can linger in your mind, leading to anxiety, excessive stress, anger, and low self esteem. Sit down with a pen and paper and write these down. Look at them. Often worries, fears, and “should” statements are irrational. Replace these with rational self statements. Re-evaluate your goals, separating them into short term and long term. Make a plan to achieve these goals with reasonable time tables. Positive, rational thoughts and self-talk can help clear out the junk in your head.

Remember the potential benefits to yourself, your family, and your household as the days get warmer by giving your home, and your mind, a good spring cleaning. Make it a goal for yourself and your family, before the summer heat is upon us!